Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises, a British-American owned company, is the third largest cruise line in the world. Operating at over 350 ports, this cruise line offers cruises to many destinations, including Mediterranean cruises and Caribbean cruises.

Cruise Reviews

Cruise Reviews

In 1965, Princess Cruises sailed its first ship and headed to Mexico. Today, Princess cruises offers cruise packages that take passengers to any of the seven continents desired. This cruise line is owned by Carnival Corporation. The TV show, “The Love Boat,” featured two Princess ships in the popular television series in 1977. As of 2009, this cruise line operates 18 ships and employees thousands of people through various types of cruise jobs.

Of the ships used by Princess Cruises, the sizes vary. The largest ships hold over 3,000 passengers and contain 900 staterooms; while smaller ships hold around 670 passengers. The cruise packages offered vary from 3-day trips to 107-day trips. All of the ships, regardless of size, cruise to the same ports around the world. Each ship offers various types and sizes of rooms, from standard interior rooms to elegant staterooms. The rooms hold anywhere from 2 to 8 guests.
Prices for trips vary based on length, destination and type of room chosen.

Princess Cruises offers numerous activities on every cruise, but may vary based on the ship. There are activities for adults, such as live entertainment, talent shows and bars to visit. For children, there are numerous activities. Most ships have a Teen Zone; which offers video games and teen-centered activities. They also offer a Fun Zone for children; where children can make crafts, have scavenger hunts and much more. All ships also have swimming pools, virtual golf and most have a casino and spa.

Food is always a huge part of a cruise. Princess Cruises offers a large variety of dining choices. There are specialty restaurants, buffets, pizzerias, bakeries, ice-cream shops and much more. Room service for guests is always available, around the clock, on all ships. Most cruise reviews illustrate that the dining experiences on Princess Cruises is excellent.

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