Cruise Ship Jobs

Many people are interested in the unique benefits offered by cruise ship jobs. This type of job is a great way to see the world, meet interesting people, and see amazing sights. There are several interesting types of cruise ship jobs that are available. You can find a position that suits your interests quite easily.

Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise Ship Jobs

One of the most common cruise ship jobs is housekeeping. This job involves keeping passengers’ cabins clean and inviting for them. One fun skill that many housekeeping staff on ships learn is creating fun “towel animals” and leaving them out for their passengers. Larger ships also have numerous cruise ship jobs openings for food and beverage employees. Many job seekers like working on the restaurant waitstaff, due to the fact that they get to know the passengers that they serve during the course of a cruise. Mediterranean cruises and Caribbean cruises attract people from all over the world.

Talented individuals who can sing, dance or perform stand-up comedy are often able to land cruise ship jobs. Many cruises that involve bigger ships, such as Princess cruises, have fairly elaborate production shows. Another fun entertainment-related option involves being a director who coordinates all of the entertainment-related activities. This is a good option for people with excellent organizational skills.

Many cruise lines now specialize in enrichment programs that take place on the ships. Regular speakers, as well as instructors for art and craft activities, can usually find cruise ship jobs easily. Members of the clergy also have the option of volunteering services for cruises that take place over major holidays.

Fun cruise ship jobs are available for people who enjoy working with children and teens. Most cruise ship reviews give ships with excellent youth programs high rankings. Youth staff members lead activities, provide group babysitting services, and often take older children on shore excursions. Photography enthusiasts can find positions doing photography or videography on behalf of the cruise line. Photographers will often process and sell the photos they’ve taken to passengers. Some of the cruise lines also employ instructors who give lessons in scuba diving and other sports.

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